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WE Surveys Implementation and PD Services

Survey Reports are provided for each of the WE Surveys and customized for the individual school or district. The WE Survey reports gives educators a unique chance to look at their school through the eyes of instructional staff, the entire staff, students or the community. By exploring and discussing these results, schools will gain valuable insights into the leadership and overall effectiveness of the school. Those insights can lead to promising action plans aimed at fostering richer learning environments focused on rigor, relevance and relationships for all students. 


SPN offers a variety of options for helping you work with the data from the WE Surveys. Whether you planned to use the data as part of a strategic planning process or as a school performance indicator, SPN can help. 


Data Analysis Remote Consultation provides a one-hour session working directly with an experienced consultant who has reviewed the survey results and can assist the school in understanding and analyzing their data.


On-Site Consultations are available in a one day or two day formats to provide indepth analysis of surveys results and action planning to improve the teaching and learning environment. The training will equip staff with specific strategies to analyze and interpret data, and move an action plan forward.


Working through the implications of WE Survey data with a school staff can be a perplexing process. SPN can provide an objective analysis and presentation of data to a staff that can help keep the focus on the results and actions needed.


For consultant and workshop pricing and more information, please contact Jackie Gonyo at or 518-723-2063.