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The iKnow My Class course assessment is designed to assess and address the conditions that inspire students to reach their fullest potential. It provides valuable information and formative assessment, which research acknowledges is essential for student growth and learning, to individual classroom teachers.


iKnow My Class is an online instrument that comes in two versions: 

  • A short version (20 questions)
  • A long version (50 questions) 
  • The instruments take students 5 or 10 minutes to complete
  • Teachers will receive results in real time
  • Available for grades 3-5 or 6-12


How to Get Started


Schools may register online by visiting




$100 per school registration fee plus $1 per student (based on total number of students in school)  



The iKnow My Class Survey was developed in partnership with Aspirations Unlimited International and the Student Engagement Trust of the United Kingdom. 



Teaching for College and Career Readiness 


Teacher Reflection Surveys - BETTER Learning Model

Developing students into successful college and career ready graduates depends on how teachers teach. The important life ready traits such as good work habits, independence, resilience and creativity result from related instructional practices. The BETTER Learning Model identifies six instructional elements that are essential to college and career readiness. To learn more about the BETTER Learning Model watch this video presentation. [Note: When in development, this model was called the CAREER Instructional Model.]

Watch the Short Version              Watch the Long Version

Effective teachers continue to improve their practice by reflecting on what works and what can be improved in their teaching. Six teacher reflection surveys are available for you to reflect on your instructional practices. All surveys are online and take less than 5 minutes to complete. These are meant as personal assessment tool and after responding to a series of characteristics and the degree to which they are in you practice, you receive a personalized report that summarizes your favorable practices and offers suggestions on how to improve other practices.

This BETTER Learning Model and the surveys give teachers a positive tool that can inspire outstanding instruction and surpass minimum teacher evaluation requirements. Working with these surveys can be a useful artifact to demonstrate growth in the profession.

To start one of the surveys, click on the title in the bulleted list.

If you are interested in learning more about specific research and practices related to the elements in the model you may wish to read books/articles or watch videos related to these elements. Resource List

This is a new model and initiative. We welcome any questions or feedback on the surveys. Direct suggestions to Dr. Richard Jones.


Online/Blended Learning Survey 
Online/blended learning enhances literacy, provides access to information and promotes self-learning, motivating and engaging students while enhancing their self-esteem. It also radically transforms instruction. 



Career Readiness Survey
“College readiness” is typically defined in terms of academic achievement, but “career readiness” is a more elusive concept to both describe and measure. Yet both are essential conditions of students’ future success. Please share your thoughts. 


Rigor and Relevance Reflection Survey  A personal reflection survey on the level of rigor and relevance in your classroom is a new resource for you to use in working toward Quadrant D Learning.