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WE Surveys Frequenty Asked Questions
What's the purpose of the surveys?

To help schools collect data from students, staff and parent/community members about their perceptions around rigor, relevance, relationships and leadership.

How do students, staff and parents/community members take the surveys?

The surveys are conducted online or on paper as requested by the school. 

How long does it take to complete a survey?

Each survey takes 10-15 minutes to complete. Each survey has approximately 60 questions or less. The WE LEARN Survey for grades 3-5 has 40 questions.

How much do the surveys cost?

WE LEARN - Student Survey (grades 3-5 or 6-12) - $1,100 for 500 students + $1.00 for each additional stundent

WE TEACH - Instructional Staff Survey - $600

WE LEAD - Whole Staff Survey - $600

WE SUPPORT - Community Survey - $1,100 for 500 parents/community members + $1.00 for each additional parent/community member


Contact our office for a pricing quote specific to your school or information on volume price breaks. 

How will I receive my school's survey results?

Once your school completes the survey(s), for the online version, the administrator/main contact can download your school report(s) from the secure website within two business days from completion. For the paper version, the administrator/main contact will receive the report(s) electronically within 2-3 weeks.   

Can the Successful Practices Network help to analyze my data?

Yes. Through remote consultations and school-based sessions our experienced coaches work directly with schools to guide the process of recognizing trends in their data and discuss the school's area of focus. Please visit the Implementation and PD Services page for more info.

Are the we surveys available in other languages?

Yes. There are Spanish language versions for all WE Surveys.

Can I have both the Spanish and English version for the same survey?

Yes. The results will be gathered into a single report.

Who takes the We Lead Surveys?

The WE LEAD survey is for all staff working in the school, this includes full-time deparment heads or chairs, classroom teachers, instructional support staff, nurses, custodian, cafeteria staff. etc.

Do principals or assistant principals take the We Lead Whole Staff Survey?

No. The survey is designed not to single out any administrator in particular, but to describe the school administration as a whole.

What's the benefit of taking the We Learn Student Survey and We Teach Instructional Staff Survey together?

The surveys are valuable tools when taken alone. However, when students and instructional staff take the surveys, the survey results can be compared to highlight similarities and discrepancies between the two groups. 

My elementary school has 6th grade, do we have to purchase both the elementary and secondary versions of the We Learn?

No. You may administer both surveys, the elementary and secondary version, for the price of one WE LEARN survey. Please contact our office to discuss setting up this administration. 

Will my school/district be able to identify me?

No. Your answers will be anonymous.

How can I know if the students took the We Learn survey?

When each student submits the survey, a "Thank You" message will appear. This has no identifying information on it, but confirms completion of the WE Survey. We recommend that they print that page and turn into you with their name on it.